SECOLINO® is an absorption technology from Spain and removes up to 100% of the moisture in the shoe.

While exploring the market for existing solutions for the absorption and elimination of moisture on the insole, we searched in vain for a long time. In 2006 SECOLINO® was born with the aim of becoming an international brand and technology. The basis of development of the technology is the people’s knowledge who gained experiences of 20 years in designing and manufacturing insoles for the footwear market.

Our aim was to develop a sustainable and functional technology that ensures a completely dry surface during walking and enables up to 100% dry feet with no odour. A team of experts from various fields has set itself the task of generating the suitable materials and the composition for the production of this uniquely effective technology and has confirmed this by a patent. 4 years of development and testing under the toughest conditions were nevessary to achieve the goal and to say –  SECOLINO® | Absorption Technology works!

Our vision

You know it. Everybody sweats and that's a good thing. Sweating is normal and especially pronounced on the sole of the foot. The closed area due to the footwear and the very high number of sweat glands on the feet ensure this. Your feet are under extreme strain every day and produce moisture. A life without restrictions due to this moisture inside the shoe is what drives us. Our life task. Say goodbye to the old standard and set new standards for the daily challenges. It's your way with up to 100% dry feet.

Our mission

With the aid of the uniquely effective 3-layer-technology, we are creating a new standard for a dry feeling inside the shoe. With the special composition and processing, we achieve something never seen before. The materials are carefully selected and processed to the highest standards. In order to ensure perfect usage, the technology is constantly being examined by renowned and accredited testing institutes to guarantee its effectiveness with certainty.


because you should focus on what's important.


and we do everything to
set new standards.


because we dared to.
Do you dare?


Complete moisture absorption
the uniquely effective 3‑layer‑technology absorbs 100% of moisture and keeps the surface of the insole completely dry.
Improved climate in the shoe
the dry insoles reduce moisture, minimizing discomfort within your shoes.
High wear
excellent wearing comfort is generated by selected materials. Decades of production experience insoles and extensive product testing ensure maximum comfort.
Prevention of odours
due to its special composition and DIN EN ISO 16187- proven gram positive antibacterial properties, the insole remains odourless.
Long durability
long-lasting materials as craftmanship ensure the durability of the insoles.